We offer plant and shrub landscaping care for one simple reason, pruning is neccesary to increase vigor and health of your landscape. It will make your bushes, shrubs, plants, flowers and trees appear more beautiful and bright. Our company will trim, hand cut or shear based on the species of the plant and growth habitsput for a benefit of pruning is that it stimulates flower and bloom production.

A maintenance that will benefit growth to an indoor and outdoor plant, to an hedge, to an tree, to an shrub and any plant life.  It also controls the growth rate and the appearance of any plant life depending on what it is that is being pruned.  To prune when it has went dormant a time of rest or no longer in the stage of blooming is generally a good time because it helps to prevent any damage or shock to the item that is to be pruned.  It depends all on what is being pruned for each plant type has a different calendar time recommended for pruning for example, a flowering plant life it would be right after it buds for with these plant types hand pruning is suggested, others that are late bloomers it would be best to prune in the late winter to early spring and there are more recommended time frames for each plant type these are just some recommendations.

Pruning is used for formatting unwanted growth in any given area,  to thin out and give air and light to a middle area where it can be more susceptible to mildew or disease from to much crowding with twigs and added growth.

Pruning helps give life to the plant type of the item to be healthier expecially in Montgomery County.  It increases more vigorous growth. It good to prune as well in area that are dead, diseased, poor condition, out of control, to remove what is called “suckers”, damaged, trauma or area that is pulling from the healthy area.  That is exactly what happens when one prunes it helps the item to remain healthy because it cuts off the sickly area like a yellow leaf.  This benefits the whole plant because the plant is no longer trying to repair that one area like a leaf.  It now can concentrate on establishing a healthy balance for the plant where as the one spot would pull all the minerals and vitamins needed for the whole plant or plant life.  That is why it is detrimental to remove dead foliage.  But that is just an example of the benefits of pruning.  There is many benefits already mentioned aside with pruning which can be another name for simply “cutting” to help your garden and landscape remain healthy and grow with abundance.  The care that it receives will benefit you later.

We service all areas in Montgomery County, including the following: Potomac, Rockville, Darnestown, Comus, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Poolesville, Adamstown, Urbana, Dickerson, Hyattstown, Middletown, Damascus and surrounding areas. .